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Winners of the digital health innovation award from Juniper Research

Health Scholars

We're happy to announce we've received Juniper Research’s Future Digital Health Innovation Award at the Gold level, for “Best Immersive Reality Healthcare Solution.”

The Future Digital Health Innovation Awards are presented to companies that deliver imaginative, innovative products or services that have the potential to disrupt their ecosystems and provide significant benefits to their target audience.

The Health Scholars Virtual Learning Platform uses on-demand, voice-directed VR simulations, cloud-based analytics and simulation management to improve clinical training for hospital providers and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel. Currently used by 35 major healthcare and EMS organizations across the country, the mobile, cloud-based Health Scholars platform makes it easy and affordable to deliver, at scale, the real-to-life experience providers need to act quickly and make better decisions.

“Our VR training prevents skills decay and enables more frequent training to optimize readiness so providers are prepared to take life-saving action when placed in stressful clinical and emergent situations”

“Health Scholars is honored to receive this award, which recognizes our mission to advance healthcare simulation through virtualization,” said Brian Gillett, MD, President of Health Scholars. “Our VR training prevents skills decay and enables more frequent training to optimize readiness so providers are prepared to take life-saving action when placed in stressful clinical and emergent situations.”

Our voice-driven interaction and in-person team simulations address cognitive skills that can’t be gleaned from other training methods. Learners practice real-time communications, critical thinking and decision making – and every action is measured. No other scalable means delivers such immersive training at a meaningful cadence.

The foundation of our VR training system is the company’s “Converged VR” – an AI-driven convergence of analytics, bio-feedback, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and voice-directed cloud-based on-demand VR simulations delivered on Oculus Quest 2 headsets. The platform tracks and assesses core competencies and provides learner readiness reports to identify critical skills gaps. Moreover, it provides a centralized system for learners to access assignments, schedule training times, review performance and obtain continuing education certificates.

Simulations cover high-risk/low-frequency events, such as fire in the operating room, pediatric pre-hospital emergencies, and advanced life support “mega codes,” where continuous practice has been proven to reduce medical error and improve patient outcomes.

Each VR simulation is designed to help meet training requirements designated by JCAHO and OSHA. They are co-developed with notable hospitals and EMS agencies, such as Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Mount Sinai Health System, and New York City Health & Hospitals, as well as professional societies including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses (AORN). Each VR training is CE-accredited through the American Nurses Credentialing Centers Commission on Accreditation or the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE).

Find the press release here.

About Health Scholars
Our mission is to improve quality of care and patient outcomes through virtual reality training. Our VR solutions make life-saving practice accessible, scalable, and affordable so healthcare organizations can effectively deliver the competency and confidence every caregiver and every patient deserves.

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Chris Ingwalson
Health Scholars
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