How it Works

The Health Scholars Experience Initiator

Our VR training is unlike any other in healthcare. Our patent-pending, voice-directed AI technology takes “immersive” to the next level, allowing the learner to interact simply by speaking. The VR teammates “hear” and respond to the learner’s verbal commands like they would in the real world.

From our first connection to implementation and beyond, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success utilizing virtual reality.

VR Device

Our Comprehensive Implementation Process

We help you reach your goals through VR

Leverage our experts to answer every question you have regarding the process of successfully implementing virtual reality in a medical environment.

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Training

Step 3: Launch

Step 4: Mentoring

The top 5 reasons people invest in VR:

1. Scalability and cost savings for your organization
2. Improve patient care and outcomes
3. Increase patient safety through regular practice of high-risk scenarios
4. Comprehensive onboarding and full support for new hires
5. Regulatory compliance of training