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Scale clinical competency and confidence with protocol-based VR simulation and competency assessment for high-risk care scenarios.

Health Scholars VR healthcare training
more cost effective than high-fidelity manikin-based simulation.
increase in clinical performance.
faster and learners are 4x more focused than classroom training

Your peers are already loving VR!

Registered Nurse Gives Health Scholars VR Training Testimonial
“I liked how real life it felt and it’s like SIM in a classroom but it’s up to me, so it tested my knowledge in the area.”
Emma S
“VR was very realistic and so much fun to use.”
Delicias L

“Very cool! I didn’t even know this was an option. I felt like I was in the room with the patient”
ICU Nurse
“It was my first time in VR! It is a really, really great learning tool for my confidence.”
“My team loves Fire in the OR! Amazing technology and really excited about implementing with my team. “
Clinical Educator, med surg
“I am excited for our clinical staff to train with this!”
Sister Mikela

Daniel Katz MD Director of Education Mount Sinai HELPS Center
"We found that VR based training was superior to video based training in enhancing performance in a simulated fire scenario. Those who underwent VR training recognized the issue more quickly and were more likely to appropriately douse the flame and protect the patient when compared to those who had video based training.”

Daniel Katz MD,
Director of Education Mount Sinai HELPS Center
Daniel Katz MD Director of Education Mount Sinai HELPS Center
"Our public health system is proud to be a leader in virtual reality simulations that ensure our providers have the life-saving skills necessary during these situations. Being able to provide convenient, easily accessible, on-site, and realistic simulations is imperative when you want to both provide these important skills-building opportunities without disrupting any patient care.

Being able to offer a diverse suite of high-tech simulations that not only realistically portray the medical scenario, but also reflects what our workforce and patients look like is an important part of training our staff to provide the highest quality, expert care no matter the situation the arises in the delivery room.”
Wendy Wilcox, MD, MPH, MBA, FACOG,
Chief Women's Health Services Officer,
NYC Health + Hospitals

A Safe Place to Practice

We get it, even before the nursing shortage and COVID-19, effectively training teams wasn't easy. Explore how Health Scholars self-driven, voice directed VR suites can make a difference in patient outcomes, staff confidence and your bottom line.

Labor & Delivery

Now you can scale meaningful and experience-based obstetric simulation training across any size organization at a fraction of the cost of traditional simulation training. Making your L&D staff more reliable, ready and confident.

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Operating Room

Never have a doubt in your staff’s competence with Health Scholars Operating Room VR applications. Scale consistent and objective operating room training across any size organization and save time and money while
you do it.

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Emergency Care

Get your staff refreshed, engaged and performing at their best on the worst day of someone’s life with Health Scholars Emergency Care VR applications. Our experience-based simulations combat skill decay and are an incredible tool for validating new hires in your organization.

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Health Scholars VR healthcare training

Empower Better Care

Health Scholars is committed to helping your staff deliver the best care on the worst day of someone's life. With VR you can make your providers highly resilient, risk mitigating, procedural masterminds.

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