Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

The algorithm to confident providers is VR training

Built on evidence-based protocols, we help your team minimize readmission, medical error and improve their ability to recognize high-risk patients.

First Responders Advanced Cardiac Life Support (FRACLS)

Realistically model cardiac arrest and non-cardiac arrest scenarios across 13 core arrhythmias

Provides a virtual, zero-risk, environment to practice and learn critical resuscitation management for your teams’ patients.

Pediatric Emergency Care

Pediatric emergencies are challenging- your response doesn’t have to be

Providers need to recognize the subtle indicators of severe illness in infants and children without delay and initiate stabilization or CPR when indicated.

Pediatric Emergency Assessment

Provide regular experienced-based training to all your pediatric providers

Our VR training recreates the pertinent findings in a real-to-life patient and graphically teaches the association of PAT patterns with life threatening health conditions.

Pediatric Emergency realistically models nuanced pediatric scenarios and physical findings on racially diverse patients. It utilizes adaptive learning technology to instruct, evaluate and refine Pediatric Assessment Triangle proficiencies based on provider performance And provides a virtual, zero-risk, environment to practice and learn critical pediatric assessment skills.

Pediatric Emergency Assessment
How is training in VR scalable?

How is training in VR scalable?

VR is faster than regular training, averaging at around 30 minutes per app, from putting on the headset to debrief. Some applications are even as fast as 10 minutes!

Only the trainee is required to attend, as our apps don’t require a facilitator. This makes it easier to schedule, any time, from anywhere with wi-fi.

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