Pediatric Emergency Assessment (PEA)

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Published On: October 28, 2022Categories: Emergency Care VR

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App Overview

  • The Pediatric Assessment Triangle (PAT) module will first refresh the 3 PAT pillars (A) Appearance, (B) Work of Breathing and (C) Circulation to Skin.
  • The learner will then be presented with an infant/toddler patient exhibiting various health states, clinically identifiable through manifestations of the three pillars of the PAT.
  • HR, RR, BP and age will be displayed
  • We will present 11 children, each displaying PAT findings that correspond to the six core PALS health states (listed below under objectives). The learner will be presented with a minimum of 6 random health states. If they fail any of the scenarios, there is a corresponding 2nd scenario of the same state that will be served up.
  • The learner will need to identify the abnormal findings and then match to the corresponding health state
  • Understand the causes of operating room fires

Vital Signs: Announced per scenario

Pertinent History: N/A for this App

Baseline Labs: N/A for this App

  • Review Pediatric Assessment Triangle (PAT)
  • Recognize a stable pediatric patient
  • Recognize respiratory distress
  • Recognize respiratory failure
  • Recognize cardiopulmonary arrest
  • Recognize CNS/Metabolic emergency
  • Recognize shock (hypovolemic, distributive and cardiogenic)

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