Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Highly-Immersive VR Training That Grows Frontline Clinician Confidence

Gain experience, fine tune skills, and grow confidence. Be ready for anything at any time with training catered to your schedule- any time and anywhere you have a wifi connection.

Experience the Sights, Sounds, and Pressures of High-Risk Events

All from the safety of your VR headset

From putting on the headset for first time to the first debrief, you’ll be transported into a new world filled with familiar sights and sounds, without the same pressures or dangers.

Show Your Frontline Clinicians You Stand Alongside Them With This Essential Training

Labor & Delivery

Address the Highest Areas of Risk in Maternal Mortality

This suite of labor and delivery training applications are designed to address the highest areas of risk in maternal mortality and continue to save lives.

Labor And Delivery

Operating Room

Act in a Live Operating Room Emergency

Reacting to an operating room emergency properly is a critical skill to cultivate and refresh. Ensure your team is ready for these real life scenarios.

Operating Room

Emergency Care

Practice Emergency Care in a Safe Environment

Train for emergency scenarios across the institution from the safety of a virtual reality headset. A judgement free learning environment.

How We Serve Healthcare

Health Scholars is virtual reality training for healthcare, focused on delivering your staff the technology to cultivate the confidence and practice the skills they need in many emergencies.