Introducing the Meta Quest 3

Published November 21, 2023

Meta Quest 3

Incorporating the Meta Quest 3 headset into your VR program offers many improvements and features. With a visually stunning experience, the Quest 3 delivers more than twice the graphical performance of its predecessor. This means smoother performance and incredibly crisp details, ensuring an immersive and engaging VR experience. 

What makes the Quest 3 even more impressive is its Meta Reality technology, which seamlessly blends the physical and virtual worlds. With full color passthrough view, innovative machine learning, and spatial understanding, learners can interact with virtual content while simultaneously navigating and interacting with their physical environment. This breakthrough feature opens limitless possibilities for training scenarios and allows learners to engage in activities that were previously not possible. 

In addition to its technological advancements, the Quest 3 has been redesigned for comfort and control. With a slimmer optic profile and redesigned Touch Plus controllers, the headset offers a sleeker and more ergonomic design. The removal of the outer tracking rings and the inclusion of better haptics provide a more natural experience. Hand tracking is also supported out of the box, enabling you to interact with virtual objects using only your hands. 

We believe that the Quest 3 headset will greatly enhance learner experience and take your virtual training to new heights. If you would like more detailed information about the Quest 3 please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are confident that this headset will contribute to the success and effectiveness of your VR program and would result in a powerful and comprehensive solution for you.

Other Available Headsets: 

  • Meta Quest 2These will continue to be available but will be limited supply. 
  • Apple Vision Pro– Health Scholars will be exploring development options for this headset and will be releasing information at a later date. 
  • Vive XR Headsets– Health Scholars will be exploring development options for these headsets and will release information at a later date. 


We are grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting your growth and success.

Warm regards,
The Health Scholars Team

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