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Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.
What kind of VR hardware do I need?
Our applications are optimized for the Oculus Quest 2, the industry-leading wireless headset. Moving forward, our applications will be hardware agnostic to support other hardware such as the Pico and Vive.
Are the simulations role based? Can I choose which role I play?
Our simulations intentionally make every learner the team lead in the simulation. We believe to build competence and confidence you need to understand what every person in the room is doing and why. Not only do our applications make learners confident in their own roles, they now have a procedural muscle memory enabling them to speak up during procedures, therefore, increasing confidence and reducing mistakes.
Can I customize Health Scholars applications or make my own application?
Our applications are built with scientific partners, subject matter experts and professional organizations to ensure that healthcare systems are training to specific guidelines and are receiving objective feedback based on those guidelines. We can configure certain parts of applications to meet your organization's protocols and procedures as long as they are within the guidelines. Please send an email to support@healthscholars.com for more information.
Is multiplayer available?
Our applications were intentionally built for single player use. Primarily to create training efficiencies, enabling multiplayer means you still have to organize group training. With single player, you only have to work with one person's schedule. All applications are self-directed and utilize our voice technology to interact with our realistic avatars. Team and soft skills are still being developed as our applications grade learners based on utilization of close-loop communication.
Can I see how my learners are progressing or where they are struggling?
In addition to our incredible VR applications, all of our contracts come with Health Scholars' Readiness Reporting and platform. Health Scholars Readiness Reports make it simple to track which individuals, teams, divisions and even entire organizations are ready to handle emergency situations. You can also find and address skill gaps. As learners complete simulations, administrators will receive objective feedback on learners performance through the entire application.
 How do I get notified that there is a new release?
We will notify you by email when there is a new version available. The email will include a link to the website where you can download the latest version.
What are the minimum technical requirements?
HealthScholars requires Oculus Quest 2 or Pico Neo 3.
What is the recommended room layout?
Although you don’t need to move around to use most of our VR Training apps, Health Scholars recommends that you use room scale setup with your headset. For example, Oculus recommends a play area of at least 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters or 6 x 6 feet.
How do I log-in and register my Health Scholars account?
You can find instructions for logging into your Health Scholars account here. Your password will need to meet the following requirements: 
  • Minimum 8 characters
  • Maximum of 128 charachters
  • Printable ASCII Characters Only - From 32 to 126
  • 3 of the following 4:
  • One upper-case letter
  • One lower-case letter 
  • Include at least one special character in this list (note there is a space): " !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_` {|}~"
  • A number
You can use the email address and password you created for your Health Scholars account to login to each of the apps. Once you launch the app in your headset and check to make sure your microphone is working properly, you will use see a login screen. Fill in the email address and password associated with yourHealth Scholars account and select Login to continue.
How do I report issues or recommend changes?
We want to hear about your experience with our VR Training apps. If you have anything you’d like to report or suggest, please email us at support@healthscholars.com.
The Oculus dashboard suddenly appeared in the app.  
How do I make it go away?
This is likely because you accidentally pressed the Home button on one of the controllers. If this is the cause, you’ll see the Oculus dashboard in the headset. To get rid of the dashboard and continue, press the Home button again.The Home button is the small, depressed button below the big round touchpad on the hand controllers.
How do I mirror video and audio so observers without a headset can watch and listen?
TheQuest 2 headset does not natively support audio or video mirroring. However, you can use a Chromecast to mirror your audio and video. If you are interested, see instructions here.
My position in the app is not my desired facing or I’m too close to the virtual floor.
To reset your position within the virtual environment, press and hold the Home button on the right-hand controller for three seconds. The Home button is the small, depressed button below the big round touchpad on the right-hand controller. This will center the virtual environment to your current facing.
Do I need a controller once I get into a Health Scholars app?
For all apps, you will need a controller to input your email and/or password at the Login screen. Fire in the OR and PASS/RACE also requires the use of at least one hand controller to interact with the simulation. All our other applications are voice controlled so once logged in you may set down the controllers, if you’d like.
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