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Experience the New Age of Immersive Learning with Health Scholars Workbench

Step into the future of immersive education with Health Scholars Workbench, your trailblazing no-code platform. This extraordinary toolkit enables our content partners to craft engrossing Virtual Reality experiences, effortlessly eclipsing conventional learning pathways.

In record time, this one-of-a-kind learning adventure can be delivered directly to learners. No longer will education be bound by theoretical confines – instead, virtual skills may be developed within mere hours.

The evolution of learning doesn’t just start here – it’s lived, breathed, and experienced firsthand with Health Scholars. Immerse yourself in the transformation of knowledge acquisition today.


Prōto: Build the Course Flow and Create the Scene

Introducing Prōto – an exceptional toolkit designed for the swift construction of bespoke courses and the assembly of immersive virtual reality scenes. It provides an exhaustive suite of features and tools, empowering you to forge a dynamic, interactive, and engaging learning ecosystem. Advantages include:

  • Accelerated Market Launch: Bring your project to life rapidly, minimizing delays.
  • Tested, Low-Risk Training Tech Solutions: Depend on proven technology to significantly reduce risk in your training programs.
  • AI-Enhanced, Voice-Enabled Experiences: Leverage the power of AI to create enthralling voice-enabled learning experiences.
  • Promptly Address Critical Matters: Proactively tackle pressing issues in your training regime with ease.

With Prōto, transform the blueprint of your courses into a living, breathing digital landscape that captivates and educates.


Cosmōs: Simulated Immersive Experiences, Brought to Life

Cosmos offers an intuitive interface to run your VR courses. Create a course flow and build the scenes using Prōto, then use Cosmos to bring your VR courses to life. With Cosmos, you can enjoy:

  • White-labeled VR experiences
  • Design and build your application in weeks
  • Infinite possible environments

Vōx: New Age Voice Technology for Virtual Reality

Engage with your voice and hands, not a keyboard. Utilize our patent approved, registration in process, voice-directed technology to administer commands that guide your team of digital professionals through each application.

Forget complex menu systems

Our patent approved, registration in process voice technology allows you to use the same tools you use in real life, your voice and your hands, allowing you to focus on critical thinking and building confidence.

Utilize our voice directed technology and achieve your educational goals- it’s easy to use and incredibly efficient.

Vōx is ready to respond to your spoken commands as it listens, assembles, deciphers, analyzes, and responds, making it simple to give multiple commands at once like you would in a real life scenario. No awkward pausing while a computer loads.

  • Custom “on brand” responses
  • Scalable deployment

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