Obstetrical Hemorrhage

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Published On: July 10, 2022Categories: Labor & Delivery VR

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App Overview

Mrs. Johnson is a 32-year-old African American woman, G5P4, 30 min post vaginal delivery at 40 weeks gestation. No episiotomy or lacerations noted at delivery. EBL at delivery was 200 ml. Epidural anesthesia for labor, catheter still in place. Newborn birth weight: 8.5 lbs. Oxytocin is running per protocol.

Vital Signs

BP: 110/70; Pulse: 108; Temp: 98.0 F

Pertinent History

Past OB history: Uncomplicated; Allergies: NKAD; Blood type: O+

  • Demonstrate timely and accurate interventions appropriate for each of the stages of the CMQCC guideline forObstetric Hemorrhage.
  • Demonstrate the effective use of your organization’s OBHemorrhage checklist or protocol.
  • Communicate the plan of care with the patient and their family.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork and communication by using team member names, clear instructions, and closed-loop communication.

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