The Value of VR

Voice Controlled

Using AI-Enabled voice technology, virtual team members can carry out the commands, making this experience the most immersive, effective VR simulation possible.

Reliable & Objective

Utilizing standards built by the best scientific and professional societies. Objective in and post simulation feedback. Your learners will be at their best.

Realistic Healthcare Scenarios

The virtual scenarios accurately model the nuanced physical findings that general care providers must detect in order to differentiate severe from non-severe illness, so the training feels authentic and urgent.

No more 3am wake ups because you're unsure if your OR staff is ready, you know they're ready, sleep easy.

Understand and analyze your staff's readiness on an individual, division, or organizational level. No more unaddressed skill gaps.

Validate new and traveling staff members to ensure they're ready to handle and execute your organization's protocols

Self driven apps means you're saving time and money facilitating mandatory training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.
What kind of VR hardware do I need?
Our applications are optimized for the Oculus Quest 2, the industry-leading stand-alone headset. With our VR simulations you can support approximately 25 sessions per day / per VR headset.
What type of VR headset is required for healthcare training
Are the simulations role based? Can I choose which role I play?
Our simulations intentionally make every learner the team lead in the simulation. We believe to build competence and confidence you need to understand what every person in the room is doing and why. Not only do our applications make learners confident in their own roles, they now have a procedural muscle memory enabling them to speak up during procedures, therefore, increasing confidence and reducing mistakes.
Can I customize Health Scholars applications or make my own application?
Our applications are built with scientific partners, subject matter experts and professional organizations to ensure that healthcare systems are training to specific guidelines and are receiving objective feedback based on those guidelines. We can configure certain parts of applications to meet your organization's protocols and procedures as long as they are within the guidelines.
Is multiplayer available?
Our applications were intentionally built for single player use. Primarily to create training efficiencies, enabling multiplayer means you still have to organize group training. With single player, you only have to work with one person's schedule. All applications are self-directed and utilize our voice technology to interact with our realistic avatars. Team and soft skills are still being developed as our applications grade learners based on utilization of close-loop communication.
Can I see how my learners are progressing or where they are struggling?
In addition to our incredible VR applications, all of our contracts come with Health Scholars' Readiness Reporting and platform. Health Scholars Readiness Reports make it simple to track which individuals, teams, divisions and even entire organizations are ready to handle emergency situations. You can also find and address skill gaps. As learners complete simulations, administrators will receive objective feedback on learners performance through the entire application.
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