Health Scholars provides on site or remote training to help you utilize the space you have to train your staff in a safe and clinical environment. For full immersion, the learner needs a space large enough for them to stand and reach out their arms. This allows them to experience VR as if they were actually there! We create a hyper-realistic environment so your movements in VR are translated exactly the same as in real life. The way you turn your head and move your hands gives you the same feel as they would in the real world.

For first time VR users we recommend they are seated in a chair for their first experience. Then do 3 sessions under 10 minutes. After that your mind and body are fully adapted to the virtual experience and you can feel comfortable and confident in the scenarios.

Your team can interact with their virtual team simply by speaking. Our patent-pending, voice-directed technology is state of the art, making it fast and easy to work with in a virtual environment, like you would in a real-life scenario.