Paper Prototyping: An Essential First Step to Creating High-Quality Healthcare VR Applications

Virtual reality transforms healthcare training by providing a highly realistic and engaging learning experience. At Health Scholars, we’re dedicated to making advanced technology accessible to all, empowering healthcare clinicians to perform at their best. Our engineering team constantly improves the tools and methodologies used to design and build VR-based healthcare training applications, leading the shift toward more effective and engaging training. One of our critical tools for success is paper prototyping.

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What Makes Health Scholars VR Training Different?

Virtual reality (VR) training for healthcare is more than SIM; it’s an entire immersive experience that helps clinicians train their minds and bodies to recognize and respond deliberately and calmly to high-risk care events. Health Scholars has curated specific VR elements to make that experience as realistic as possible. As a result, clinicians go beyond practicing a simple drill of following a checklist.

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VR is More Than a Game: It’s a Serious Training Tool for Frontline Clinicians

Virtual Reality, or “VR,” is an interactive three-dimensional world where objects have a sense of spatial presence — and it’s changing the way frontline clinicians learn and train.

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