Join us in our mission to transform care training to healthcare professionals through virtual reality

Our Core Values

We are creating something special – showing up every day to build things that matter. We're looking for people who aren’t afraid to tackle big ideas and share our core values.
Be Fearless

Set big audacious goals and tackle everything that isn’t working or holds us back. Don’t be afraid to try something new, to ask tough questions, challenge your teammates or make a mistake. Fear, indecision, or settling will only hold us back. ​

Seek Continuous Improvement

Come to work each-and-every day inspired and striving to be better than yesterday. Learn something. Make something. Lead something. Solve something - every day. ​

Be a Team Player

Teamwork makes the dream work, so check your ego at the door, collaborate, offer support, and pitch in to make sure we accomplish our shared goals.​

Listen Curiously

Engage in active listening. Be present, ask the right questions, and seek to understand. Be authentic and thoughtful in your conversations, and make every interaction with each other, with our partners, and customers meaningful and enjoyable.

Have Fun

Uhm, hello, what we’re doing is pretty freaking cool and a lot of fun. So let's keep it that way. Kindness, understanding, and a whole lot of laughter make the world and our office a better place.  ​

Open Positions

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